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Yellowstone in Winter - a talk by Ron and Maggie Tear

On Friday 5th May, Ron Tear ARPS MPAGB BPE3* PSA3* and Maggie Tear LRPS CPAGB, from Essex, gave us a presentation on Yellowstone in Winter.  Both dedicated photographers with many years of experience - check out their website to see just how involved they are in lecturing, judging, winning awards and, of course travelling the world with their cameras. They gave a beautiful presentation of Yellowstone in Winter, taking us through each step of their journey, from flying in dangerously close to the mountains, to standing dangerously close to erupting geysers, every moment recorded in stunning images, and with a lively narrative full of stories and information. There is so much more to Yellowstone than just the scenery. The wildlife was amazing, particularly the moose and bison blending in with the snowy landscapes, wonderful rhine frosted trees, thermal springs with rainbow coloured pools and patterns, the mood and lighting changing constantly – it was a photographer’s paradise. They were indeed ‘walking in Ansel Adams’ footsteps’. A wonderful evening of photography and narrative from Ron and Maggie – hope they come and see us again soon.

Next Friday, 12th May, Ray Bridges LRPS CPAGB ADPS BPE3* will be judging our Annual Exhibition, an important end of season competition which we hope to be able to put on display in Park Mall sometime in August. Visitors always welcome.