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Club outing - Folkestone harbour

We had a good turnout of seventeen members last Friday evening, meeting in the Harbour Arm car park.
This harbour area of Folkestone is undergoing  a huge redevelopment currently, with the construction of a walkway that will connect the Harbour Arm and coastal park. Sir Roger de Haan has invested £69 million into the work so far and plans for up to 1000 houses on the former Rotunda site are set to be submitted this year.

Some members were able to 'get off school' early and captured some shots in the late-afternoon sun.

And other made it to the beach.

Despite the on-going renovations, several small food businesses are already operating in the area from mobile outlets, including a Greek restaurant in a double-decker bus!

There are always photo opportunities in such an area, with the ever-changing architecture, people and a number of art installations, erected as part of the Folkestone Triennial.

 As well as the traditional harbour scenes...

there are those little details that …

Flash workshop

The last of this season's workshops was held on Sat 22nd July, led by Anthony Baines and Martin Till. Katrina's brother, Alistair, kindly offered us access to his farm for the afternoon, with the ponds and woodland providing a beautiful backdrop.

We split into two groups (Nikon and Canon) so we could make use of compatible off-camera flash arrangements, working with ambient light in traditional fill-flash and also high speed sync modes.  Martin's group Below, you can see Martin acting as 'model' for Alex. Avril is holding a speedlite with a CTO (Colour Temperature Orange) filter in place. Behind Alex, at a low level, is another speedlight set to a lower power with no filter, to balance the lighting.

Here's one of the images from Alex's sequence: Manual exposure, 1/160th at f/6.3, ISO 100, 50mm focal length. Exposure compensation was set to -2 to darken the background and flash exposure compensation was used with each speedlite in its own group…