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Natural History Competition

Report courtesy of Marjorie Burge

On Friday 1st December John Hunt ARPS DPAGB of Tonbridge and Staplehurst Camera Clubs, judged the Bill Waters Natural History Trophy Competition. John is a top wild life photographer with many awards to his name, so an ideal judge to take on 92 high quality images (60 PDIs, 32 prints).  The problem with judging natural history is having a mix which takes in safari photography - wildebeest, lions, coyotes - as well as the woodland wildlife of squirrels and field mice, the gossamer delicacy of butterflies and insects, and birds of all shapes, colours and sizes. Congratulations to all our photographers for their patience in first of all finding their subjects, and then waiting for that special moment. No chance of going back again for a second shot. The quantity of images meant John had little time to comment, but his preference was for the image to dominate, wanted many to be larger in the frame but with space all around, wasn't keen on dark images, needed to see the environment in which they lived, and, if possible, some anticipated action. There were many special images in this competition that had to be passed over in choosing the final six. John did stress that these were a personal choice on his part and you can see where his heart lies, but all of them wonderful images and worthy winners.


1st Anthony Baines with Kingfisher with Catch
2nd Anthony Wright with Common Blue Damsel Flies
3rd Phil Drury with Kingfisher Landing with Fish


1st Spencer Stone with Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus)
2nd Mick Gilburt with Common Darter
3rd Mick Gilburt with Fern Frond Fly

Monarch Butterfly by Spencer Stone

The over winner of the Bill Waters Natural History Trophy was Spencer Stone with Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus).  The winner of the Natural History Action Trophy was Bob Devine with Lion Cub Attacks.  

Next Friday, 8th December, Zoe Garnham-Archer will be judging our 2nd Print Competition. Visitors always welcome.

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