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The Royal Society of Biology annual natural history photographic competition

The Royal Society of Biology annual photography competition invites amateurs to submit photographs on the theme of 'Patterns in nature', with a first prize of £1,000.

Life on Earth encompasses a myriad of regular forms, sequences and structures and we invite you to capture these details of biology. The judges are looking for an original interpretation of the theme.

For full details, please see the RSP web site:

6th PDI results

Report courtesy of Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 23rd March our 6th and final PDI competition, was judged by Steve Carroll ARPS, a member of Maidstone Camera Club and a KCPA Premier Judge. Steve is a very careful and analytical judge, seeking perfection from our photographers. He was not happy with any bright areas, toning everything down – 'tonal values' constantly on his mind – equally unhappy with anything that could be straightened, moving the edges of pavements and retiling a wall at Chernobyl, even considering removing the second cockpit from the Spitfire, though I don't think he was really suggesting we go that far. He strongly felt that as post processing was available, it should be used. His job was made difficult by the quantity of high quality images entered in the competition, our photographers having their final chance for points in the league tables had produced some of their best images. He was clear in his choice of winning images in divisions two and three, bu…

Talk by Vanda Ralevska

Report courtesy of Marjorie Burge.

An inspirational evening at APS on Friday 16th March when Vanda Ralevska gave her talk under the title of 'Creating Images'. Vanda is a member of Arena Photographers, World Women Art, and a co-founder of Landscapes by Women connecting female landscape photographers all over the world. Coming to England from the Czech Republic she has taken our countryside and coastal areas to her heart, found wonder and beauty everywhere, even loves our rain. Professional photography with weddings and portraits became all work and no play, and she has happily settled into a life where she can follow her own personal ambitions. Her beautiful images spoke for themselves, many of them taken during 'the blue hour', well before sunrise, when morning light and colours are gentle and mysterious. Vanda constantly reminded us that we should feel free to be who we are, often quoting from the great photographers – 'the head, the eye and the heart' from He…

PDI Theme Trophy Competition

Report courtesy of Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 9th March, our judge for the PDI Theme Trophy Competition was Tony Bentley ARPS CPAGB of Invicta Camera Club. This is a very different competition, with the emphasis on connection rather than perfection. APS photographers had put together 21 entries, some carefully set up, some from their travels at home and abroad - brick-making in Africa, Cemeteries, Welsh slate mines, London reflections, Sea World Orlando, Yorkshire sheep, Canterbury cricket, Faversham Hop Festival, cemeteries, life on a dying ash, bees, ballerinas, flowers and even Lego - a mixture of colour and mono, straight and arty. Tony commented carefully on each individual image and also on the overall connection between images, admitting this was the first theme competition he had been asked to judge. Sometimes he felt a particular image didn't rest easily with the others, and here, occasionally he put his own interpretation on the sequence, when perhaps the title should hav…