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Living the Landscape by Alex Hare

Report courtesy of Marjorie Burge

On Friday 6th April we were privileged to have Alex Hare showing his work under the title of Living the Landscape – A Journey in Technique, Composition and Lighting.  Alex is a professional commercial photographer, and a passionate landscape photographer - see his website at – willing to share all his knowledge - join him for his workshops and he will take you to bluebells near Canterbury, or, if you have more time, to the Outer Hebrides.

Alex gave us an inspiring talk based on all he had learned on the road to becoming a landscape travel photographer. He started by standing in the exact footsteps of previous photographers, then changing position, and composition, to make the view his own work – 'we are in the ideas business, just having the best camera is not enough'.  Composition and lighting so important - rising early, staying late, to catch the mists and changing colours, the tides coming in and going out, exposed rocks in the foreground, returning constantly to the same spot, waiting for a new sky and light coming from a different direction – always looking, and waiting, for that something extra.  Speed of thought was essential, Alex certainly has that, and the ability to change camera settings quickly, and correctly, when the light changes – 'work quickly to catch the moment'. Alex puts his whole heart and soul into everything he does with his camera. So much information, so many wonderful images. Alex says 'less is more' but I'm sure we could all have watched and listened way into the night. Another first class evening at APS.

Next Friday, 13th April, Dave Mason will be judging our 4th and final Print Competition of the season. There will be some impressive images on show, a good evening to pay us a visit and find out what we are all about.   

We meet every Friday at Givaudan Sports and Social Club, Kennington Road, Ashford TN24 0LT starting at 7.30, with coffee and bar facilities. Even though we now only have April and May until we break for the summer, you can still join to the end of the season with a reduced subscription.  We are a very friendly club with photographers of all levels; tuition is given at workshops for members and on club outings members can team up to gain experience. You are welcome to come along as a visitor, talk things through and make some friends, before making that final decision. Find out all about us at or telephone our secretary Katrina Devenport on 01303 814842 if you have any questions.