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Tom Way

Report courtesy of Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 18th May, Tom Way, European Wildlife Photographer 2016, explained his approach to wildlife photography. Tom favours a fine art approach to photography, has exhibited world wide, and shares his knowledge by giving lectures, talks and workshops. Having discovered the beauty of wildlife – elephants, lions, leopards, gorillas - in Africa, Tom set up his business to fund his travels so that he could see these amazing animals wandering free. In this country his photography covers local wildlife - kingfishers, badgers, little owls, red foxes, puffins - and provides many of his images sold as framed prints. Abroad, in Africa – Zambia, Kenya, Uganda – he is looking for competition wildlife shots. Shooting mainly with aperture priority, settings are crucial. His images must have light, character, emotion and simplicity, and no tension. Single images with out-of-focus backgrounds are his ideal – if you haven’t got the ideal lens, shoot with the subject closer to you than it is to the background. Tom prefers to use black and white to give strength to what he calls the 'sexiest' animals, saving colour for more saleable images – feels there is a difference between fine art and documentary images. Tom is very single-minded and self critical, keeps strictly to the in-camera image – nothing added, nothing taken away is essential for strict wildlife photography – has immense patience, waiting for days to catch a particular image, and is happy if he has five or six good images to show for a year's work. He showed some stunning images, shared his failures and his successes, gave so much good advice (although lying on the ground to get a better view of an advancing elephant might not be for everyone), stressed that we should take photos for ourselves (not for the judges, so, again, not for everyone), find your strengths, and, always wait, and take a second look at everything, revisiting the same spot again and again. See for yourselves what he is all about at A brilliant end of season evening at APS.

Members only to the Awards Evening to be held on 25th May.

We break now for summer recess at the end of May, returning to Givaudan at the beginning of September. We meet every Friday at Givaudan Sports and Social Club, Kennington Road, Ashford TN24 0LT starting at 7.30, with coffee and bar facilities. APS is a very friendly club with photographers of all levels; tuition is given at workshops for members and on club outings members can team up to gain experience. Keep up to date at or telephone our secretary Katrina Devenport on 01303 814842 if you have any questions.