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Portrait and flash workshop - Sat 23rd June

The first of our portrait and flash workshops was held on Saturday 23rd June. In previous years we have run separate (indoor) portrait and flash sessions, but this year we decided to combine the two together. Philip helped members on working with the models and Anthony and Martin provided guidance on lighting.

Our two models were Karen and Scott, pictured below with the rest of the group.

Martin, Katrina, Sue, Fiona, Steve, Karen, Anthony, Scott, Mick and Phil (photo by Philip Hinton)

On a hot and sunny day, the rural setting offered us the choice of shooting in full sunlight or in the cool shade of the trees. The latter was welcomed by both models and photographers alike.

We ran the session split into Canon and Nikon groups. Not because we are partisan but for the simple fact being that we could harness the power and felxibility of miltiple off-camera flash setups from compatible speedlites.

The 'Nikon' group setting up the lighting

The 'Canon' group reviewing images with Scott
How many photographers does it take to...?

During the workshop we explored different techniques:

  • 'hard' lighting, using direct output from the flash guns
  • 'soft' lighting, using diffusers, softboxes and umbrellas to give a more gentle effect
  • setting up speedlites in different groups, whereby the power output of multiple flashes can be easily adjusted
It was a successful and enjoyable session, both from a photographic and social standpoint. A big thank you to Katrina for organising the venue and to Philip in arranging the models.

Here are a few photographs taken by some of the particpating members.

Scott by Fiona Beadle

Karen by Ian Macey
Karen with Echo by Ian Macey

Karen by Fiona Beadle

Karen with Echo by Sue Chapman

Karen by Phil Drury

Karen relaxed by Sue Chapman

Scott by Phil Drury
Scott by Ian Macey


Sue said…
Nice report thank you Martin