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Talk by Janine Ball

Report by Marjorie Burge

On Friday 26th October our invited speaker was Janine Ball LRPS BPE1*, from Deal & District Camera Club, with Tips and Tricks on Compositing – or, as Janine put it, ‘having fun with photography’. Janine’s images are created, hand-made almost, using every tool and trick available in Photoshop, coupled with a very enquiring, constantly active imaginative mind. We saw some impressive true landscapes, portraits and street-photography, but her real love lies with making the improbable look possible.

Her computer contains vast files of images which Janine has taken just in case - ‘you never know when it might be useful’ - all captured quietly and unnoticed on her iPhone on her travels through life – violins, books, lamps, pictures, wooden buckets, animals of all shapes and sizes, buildings, skyscapes, landscapes, horizons – you name it, it is there in one of her files, and eventually it will appear in one of her pictures.

We saw a zebradised giraffe, tight-rope …

Record competition

Report by Marjorie Burge

On Friday 19th October, Robin Harmsworth of Uckfield Camera Club judged our Record Competition. Robin is an accredited KCPA judge, and a self-taught photographer with many years experience behind the camera. With 44 PDIs and 14 prints to judge, Robin gave each image his full undivided attention, explaining what he was looking for, and where there were areas for improvement. He worked carefully within the rules for record photography, especially the accuracy required to recreate an object from the information given. Detail, and a sense of scale and depth were important (some titles included measurements), some images were too creative, and cropping was occasionally an unavoidable problem where an isolated image was required. Robin acknowledged that record pictures were often difficult to take, and extremely difficult to judge, saying that he would have chosen more if the rules allowed. He held back ten images in the PDI section, and was reluctant to lose any of…

2nd PDI

Report by Marjorie Burge

On Friday 12th October Paul Adams ARPS DPAGB FDPS from Bexley Heath Camera Club, judged our 2nd PDI competition. Paul is a KCPA Premier Judge, General Secretary of the Disabled Photographers Society, and a regular visitor to APS, so we knew what to expect from his judging. Every image was given critical consideration, nothing was missed - composition, exposure, tones, cropping (take out those empty spaces), lighting, and an obsession with bright distractions.  He just occasionally, looked for computer enhancement where none had taken place, a difficulty that confronts all judges now. Lots of good advice and wise words in there – 'attention to detail' and 'think before you send'.  There was a high quality entry of almost 80 images, and in all divisions our photographers had entered some stunning images, some staying close to home, some travelling far and wide with their cameras, which made the mix of images difficult to judge side by side.


Talk by Tony Othen

Report by Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 5th October our guest speaker was Tony Othen from Greenwich, with ‘Looking back is no bad thing’. Tony was looking back fifty years to the very beginning of his career, when photography was film and dark room. So much has changed since then. His beautiful mono prints and projected images showed the social history of what it was like in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Taken in the industrial cities – ‘Get Carter’ country – with real people as the stars, Tony’s aim was to show the social history of how people lived, with a view to encouraging improvement for people who were, knowing no different, content with what they had. Straight rows of terraced houses, doors opening straight onto the narrow pavements, housewives in curlers and aprons, small children playing in the empty streets; tall smoking chimneys in the background where the fathers and sons were working.

Inside the houses, granddads sat in the kitchen, by the cooking range, smoking their pipes…

1st PDI

Report by Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 28th September we held our first PDI competition with Andy Smith LRPS CPAGB of Crayford Camera Club judging. With 78 entries over three divisions, Andy had a full evening, but carefully talked us through each individual image with a gentle approach towards the photographer’s intentions. There was a lot that he liked about almost everything. He liked bold images, going in close, balance with colour, and looked for a way to move into and through the images. He was often, even with good images, able to see how cropping would greatly improve the composition and give more impact, separation within an image was important to him, sense of movement, and, as always, removing distractions and taking down bright areas.  Sometimes these small points become obvious only when our images are projected onto the big screen, and our new projector does change what we have seen when viewing our images at home. Our Chairman praised the quality of all images entered, say…