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Talk by Janine Ball

Report by Marjorie Burge

On Friday 26th October our invited speaker was Janine Ball LRPS BPE1*, from Deal & District Camera Club, with Tips and Tricks on Compositing – or, as Janine put it, ‘having fun with photography’. Janine’s images are created, hand-made almost, using every tool and trick available in Photoshop, coupled with a very enquiring, constantly active imaginative mind. We saw some impressive true landscapes, portraits and street-photography, but her real love lies with making the improbable look possible.

Global Warming by Janine Ball

Her computer contains vast files of images which Janine has taken just in case - ‘you never know when it might be useful’ - all captured quietly and unnoticed on her iPhone on her travels through life – violins, books, lamps, pictures, wooden buckets, animals of all shapes and sizes, buildings, skyscapes, landscapes, horizons – you name it, it is there in one of her files, and eventually it will appear in one of her pictures.

Mistaken Identity by Janine Ball

We saw a zebradised giraffe, tight-rope walking elephants, pram-pushing rhinos, all carefully cut out and repositioned, with foregrounds, backgrounds and horizons from across the world. Colours and tones were carefully and precisely chosen from a limited colour palette, with darker colours on isolated items only, in Janine’s very personal style.  She is meticulous in making sure that light and shadows are consistent when putting together images, and although the final image is fantasy, all component parts must be real. It all sounded so easy as Janine explained the Photoshop steps required, until she said that on occasions she has used as many as one hundred layers in her search for the perfect image.

Grand designs by Janine Ball

Some beautiful images, not all just for the fun of making them, some with a message about the changing climate and our careless treatment of the planet.  A fascinating evening, taking a lot of us out of our comfort zone, reminding us of the ever-changing face of photography.

Our meeting next week takes place on Wednesday 31st October (Givaudan have a private party booked for the Friday) when Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB will be judging our 1st print competition. A good evening for visitors to find out what we are all about. 

We meet every Friday at Givaudan Sports and Social Club, Kennington Road, Ashford TN24 0LT starting at 7.30, with coffee and bar facilities. We are a very friendly club with photographers of all levels; tuition is given at workshops for members and on club outings members can team up to gain experience. You are welcome to come along as a visitor, talk things through and make some friends, before making that final decision. Find out all about us at or telephone our secretary Katrina Devenport on 01303 814842 if you have any questions.