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Portrait competition

Report by Marjorie Burge.

Friday 16th November, Jack Taylor DPAGB EFIAP of Seaford & Hailsham Clubs, and a former member of Eastbourne Camera Club, took on the considerable task of judging our Portrait Competition. With 36 PDIs and 28 prints, all of high quality, it was inevitable that many first class images had to be passed over when choosing just three from each section. Our judge was diligent in his approach, giving each individual image his full attention, taking in all aspects - he was concerned with hands, saying how difficult they were in portraits, liked images that showed imagination, and described images as honest, brave and strong. A self-confessed Photoshop addict, Jack wanted everything bright toned down, everything dark lightened, spaces cropped, sometimes models moved; occasionally, I felt, mis-understanding the photographer’s composition and presentation. He admitted he himself was a risk-taker, and wanted our photographers to be the same. A good honest judge, he …

Talk by George Pearson

Report by Marjorie Burge.

Friday 9th November, an APS Club Night, George Pearson ARPS DPAGB took us through his recent camera shoot in Romania where he was part of a small group of photographers, under the wing of Intrepid Exposures, driving and walking through the remoter parts of Romania. We were shown beautiful images documenting the way of life where people were self-sufficient, keeping their own animals, growing their own food, spinning, harvesting, and living happily together in an aging community, the younger generation having moved to the cities to lead a more modern way of life.

George is a very discerning photographer, getting to know the people he was photographing, careful not to intrude but making the most of every moment presented for the camera - ‘the story is the important thing’ – and his pictures told their story. Although part of the day was supervised photography, by rising early, George was able to capture some breathtaking images of misty forests, church spires …

1st print competition

Report by Marjorie Burge

At our meeting on Wednesday 31st October, we were delighted to welcome Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB, a member of Invicta Camera Club and of Seaford Camera Club, and a KCPA Premier Judge, to judge our first League Print Competition of the season. Glyn has been a good friend for many years and is always welcome at APS. Even with just over eighty entries, Glyn gave time and attention to each individual image, commenting generously on the skills of the photographers. He was happy to judge ‘the image placed before him’, and not overly bothered with dark and light areas, but commented that ‘all good photographs need good lighting’.  The quality in all divisions was extremely high. Our photographers had given a lot of thought and time when choosing their entries, and their titles, and this was an amazing start to the season. Glyn said it was extremely difficult to have to choose between such varied and excellent images.

Division 1:

1st George Pearson with Snow Tree and G…