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Portrait competition

Report by Marjorie Burge.

Friday 16th November, Jack Taylor DPAGB EFIAP of Seaford & Hailsham Clubs, and a former member of Eastbourne Camera Club, took on the considerable task of judging our Portrait Competition. With 36 PDIs and 28 prints, all of high quality, it was inevitable that many first class images had to be passed over when choosing just three from each section. Our judge was diligent in his approach, giving each individual image his full attention, taking in all aspects - he was concerned with hands, saying how difficult they were in portraits, liked images that showed imagination, and described images as honest, brave and strong. A self-confessed Photoshop addict, Jack wanted everything bright toned down, everything dark lightened, spaces cropped, sometimes models moved; occasionally, I felt, mis-understanding the photographer’s composition and presentation. He admitted he himself was a risk-taker, and wanted our photographers to be the same. A good honest judge, he spent a lot of time on deciding which images to hold back in both sections, showing how difficult he found it to have to eliminate really good images in order to settle on his final choice.

1st Anthony Baines with Dancing in the Moonlight
2nd Sue Marcos with Back Gammon Addiction
3rd Anthony Baines with Alone with her Thoughts

1st Fiona Beadle with Izzy Close up in Mono
2nd Zuzana Valla with Corridor
3rd George Pearson with Ravaged by Time and Poverty

The overall winner of the Tony Culver Portrait Trophy was Anthony Baines with Dancing in the  Moonlight.

Dancing in the Moonlight by Anthony Baines

Izzy Close up in Mono by Fiona Beadle

Corridor by Zuzana Valla

Ravaged by Time and Poverty by George Pearson

In the first round of the Small Prints Competition, Julie Barry was first with Leeds By Night, also second with Dive Dive Dive, and Dominique Huxley was third with Running with Vitality.

Next Friday, 23rd November, Chris Bell, a professional photographer and teacher, will be talking on ‘My Life in Photography’ and presenting a selection of his work. Always good to learn from other photographers. Visitors welcome.

We meet every Friday at Givaudan Sports and Social Club, Kennington Road, Ashford TN24 0LT starting at 7.30, with coffee and bar facilities. We are a very friendly club with photographers of all levels; tuition is given at workshops for members and on club outings members can team up to gain experience. You are welcome to come along as a visitor, talk things through and make some friends, before making that final decision. Find out all about us at or telephone our secretary Katrina Devenport on 01303 814842 if you have any questions.