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Talk by Chris Bell

Report by Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 23rd November, our invited speaker was Chris Bell, telling the story of his life in photography. Chris, graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters Degree in Photography in 1978 and spent his early years in teaching before turning to photography as a full time career. Showing his early images taken in the late seventies, he explained how he approached his reportage photography – ‘making images’ he called it - always be ready for something to happen, don’t wait or you will miss it, and, if possible, get in close. These were images that cannot be repeated. The streets then, in the seventies, were vastly different to the ones we have now – children walking around, playing, teenagers sitting on walls, people living their lives openly, the roads clear of cars and all the clutter that goes with road safety now. And Chris was there with his camera recording it all in black and white. This photography was all before digital and the ease of Photoshop, so he became an expert on in-camera perfection. As well as his amazing street photography, Chris showed us studio work of images taken when he became involved in the world of heavy metal music, fashion shoots and album covers, and his use of flash in outdoor photography, with some fascinating flash-blur images. His talk was almost a workshop in itself, full of information, hints and ideas on how to make the most of the different situations presented to the photographer. Yes, we knew some of the things he told us but it never hurts to be reminded, and so good to hear it from someone living the life behind the camera and putting it all into practice. If you missed the evening, check out his website to find out all about Chris Bell’s photography and workshops. Seeing the images, listening to Chris tell his story with such enthusiasm - another fascinating evening of photography at APS.

Next Friday, 30th November, Ray Bridges LRPS CPAGB BPE3* will be judging our 3rd PDI competition. Visitors always welcome.

We meet every Friday at Givaudan Sports and Social Club, Kennington Road, Ashford TN24 0LT starting at 7.30, with coffee and bar facilities. We are a very friendly club with photographers of all levels; tuition is given at workshops for members and on club outings members can team up to gain experience. You are welcome to come along as a visitor, talk things through and make some friends, before making that final decision. Find out all about us at or telephone our secretary Katrina Devenport on 01303 814842 if you have any questions.