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Awards Evening

We held our annual awards evening on Friday 31st May. It's not just about rewarding successful members, but also a very social affair, with everyone bringing selections of buffet items to share. There's plenty of time to chat and relax before the summer recess.

We were delighted to have been joined by Mrs Jenny Webb, the new Ashford Mayor, who kindly presented the awards.

Annual exhibition results

On Friday May 17th we held our Annual Exhibition Competition, and passing judgment on this occasion was Dave Mason, of Mirage and Arena Photographic Groups. Dave is a long-time visitor to APS, sometimes giving talks on his own style of photography, sometimes judging the photography of others, and we look upon him as a friend. He is an experienced judge, an excellent photographer and storyteller, and we were all delighted to welcome him to APS for this our final competition of the year.

‘Please yourself first, not the judge’ he said, but, of course, we were all hoping to please the judge with our entries.  This is an end-of-season competition and some of the images were familiar from previous competitions but many were new, saved for this particular competition. It was clear that the overall quality was extremely high and Dave apologised for not holding some pictures back even though they were technically perfect. Each image was treated with the same respect and carefully examined - …

Inter-club battle

Report by Marjorie Burge.

It was an evening of friendship and fun on Friday 10th May when Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB judged the Battle between Ashford, Canterbury, Gateway and Folkestone. We were delighted to be hosting the evening and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces among our visitors – many who normally stood up front to judge and speak, now sitting in the audience. There was a definite buzz of anticipation as Chris began his judging. This was an open competition and each club had entered a mix of genres – landscape, portrait, street, natural history, architecture – black and white and colour. I know our entries came from all three divisions within APS.

Chris was an excellent judge for the evening and gave us a lot of feed-back on the entries. He did mention he was looking for ideas for places to go for his own photography, but it was clear from his comments that our photographers were walking in his footsteps. Chris gave a brilliant commentary, keeping us all…

Print panel results

Report by Marjorie Burge

Ted Sturgeon LRPS of Hailsham Photographic Society and Arena Photographers was the perfect judge for the Driftwood Trophy Print Panel Competition on Friday 3rd May. Ted judged the entries as panels, taking into account the cohesive nature not only of the images but also the colour harmony, tonal consistency, mounting (mounts, he said, support the images and are part of the panel) and even the titles. Everything counted towards the success of the images as a panel. The importance of balance was paramount, and quite often he would change the order of the images, or merely exclude one particular image, to strengthen the panel. He stressed that this was just his personal preference and made no criticism of the photographers. Sixteen panels had been entered and our judge commended all members of APS who had taken the time to put them together to such a high standard. There was a lot to learn about panels, but also much to be proud of – putting a panel together is n…

Results of 4th print competition

Report by Marjorie Burge

Our 4th League Print Competition took place on Friday 12th April with Steve Carroll ARPS of Maidstone Camera Club judging.  This was our final print competition of the season and the variety and quality of the entries was breathtaking. Seventy-four entries overall – fourteen in Division 3, twenty-seven in Division 2, thirty-three in Division 1.   Steve is quite detailed in his observations when judging an image. He called upon the wisdom of Jo Cornish when judging landscapes, ‘depth, balance, flow and energy’ – but had his own clear likes and dislikes, wanting involvement between photographer and subject in street photography, more impact from some monochrome images, looked for balance in composition, and sharpness. Judges seem able to detect even the smallest deviation from sharpness, and he recommended looking at our prints under a strong light – something to remember. Steve’s allocation of points covered a fairly wide range but with such high quality it wa…

6th PDI

Report by Marjorie Burge

On Friday 29th March, Zoe Garnham-Archer of Invicta Camera Club was at APS to judge our 6th and final PDI league competition. It was a busy evening, with 62 entries in three divisions. Zoe gave a full commentary, becoming personally involved in each image, loving almost everything our photographers had included in their images.  But, she doesn’t like soft – even a title ‘Yes, its meant to be soft’ didn’t deter her – wanted sharpness in everything, wanted dark areas lifted, not keen on vignetting, and preferred a close-up with no wasted space. Zoe struggled bravely through when faced with an image bringing deeply rooted fears to the surface – a lesson to all of us in how real these emotions can be to those affected by phobias – and was able to judge the image fairly and professionally. Judging images against each other in an open competition is always difficult, and even though many of our photographers had saved their best for this final round, Zoe was quite …

Talk by Tony Worobiec

Report by Marjorie Burge

On Friday 22nd March we were privileged to be given a workshop on the secrets of night and low-light photography by Tony Worobiec FRPS. Tony was a member of APS many years ago, and was delighted to find a few familiar faces amongst a packed audience. Photography has become Tony’s life and as well as travelling the world, giving lectures and taking workshops, he is author to seventeen books. The last time he visited APS his talk was on landscapes ‘whatever the weather’, and now he has taken on photography after dark – not a man who looks for the easy life.  It is all about timing, not only with the camera but with the sunset as well, catching the precise moment when everything comes together. We were shown some beautiful images with soft ethereal lighting, and also bright colourful images showing how cities light up after dark. America is Tony’s favourite hunting ground but he took us around the UK as well – architecture and landscapes – wonderful rocky images…

Natural History competition results

Reprot by Marjorie Burge.

Two judges for our competition on Friday 15th March when Ian Stone DPAGB BPE3* and Marie-Laure Stone DPAGB BPE5* EFIAP Platinum, EFIAP Diamond 1, of Folkestone Camera Club, judged the Bill Waters Natural History Trophy Competition. There were 59 PDI’s and 20 prints entered into the competition, all of which were considered by our judges to be of superb quality, so they had to be super critical when commenting on the images. It was obvious they had looked long and hard at all the entries before arriving at APS for the judging, but were surprised to discover that the quality of our projector made them see images, PDI’s and prints, in a different light. Ian took the lead, but they were both involved, and Marie-Laure made her thoughts known, not always in agreement with Ian’s viewpoint – Ian was keen to crop back to the subject, but Marie-Laure appreciated the larger composition – friendly disagreement, however, and they were together with their overall decisions…

Talk by Robert Canis

Report by Marjorie Burge

A really good evening with Robert Canis at APS on Friday 8th March, showing us a selection of his amazing adventures with his camera. ‘Best of the Year’ showed us just how Robert lives his photography. Experience has taught him just where to capture the best of the seasons throughout the year and his workshops are tailored to make sure he is in the right place to catch the changing landscape. We saw beautiful images taken on his travels through Finland, Norway, Iceland, Seattle, and closer to home on the Welsh coast, the Peak District, Yorkshire, Ireland; we saw brown bears, iced trees, waterfalls, rugged coasts and moors, storm clouds, northern lights, pink polar light – and much more. ‘Photography is all about light’ and all about going out and finding it - as Phil Drury said, when thanking Robert at the end of the evening, ‘He will take you out of your comfort zone’. In 2014 Robert was appointed a Nikon ambassador for their Extreme Weather Photography camp…

5th PDI

Report by Marjorie Burge

On March 1st, June Sharp ARPS of Deal Camera Club, very kindly came to judge our 5th PDI competition when Kirsty Ralphs ARPS was unable to attend due to ill health. June is an eloquent speaker and kept us entertained and informed, her imagination always looking for stories behind the images, her vast store of information providing ways to improve. Few images escaped - June likes eye contact i.e. no profiles, looks for diagonals, triangles, stories, potential and drama – wanted me down on my stomach to take my photo – you go first, June. Each image was thoroughly examined and discussed, but with so many quality images to cover and the clock ticking, time was limited. With only one more competition before the end of the season, our photographers are still finding some amazing images and making life difficult for judges. Interesting results, with each division having two images from the same photographer, but quite accidental. A good evening at APS, as always.


Rural landscape competition

Report by Marjorie Burge.

On February 15th Carol White-Griffiths LRPS, of Dartford & District Photographic Society, judged the John Wigmore Rural Landscape Trophy Competition. This is a popular competition, accessible to all  – landscapes are all around us whether we holiday abroad or stay at home – and we had 84 entries overall, 45 PDIs and 39 prints. Our photographers had captured some beautiful scenes, rising early for the morning light and staying late even though storms threatened, or perhaps because storms threatened, as moody cloud formations dominated many of the images. There was a mixture of traditional landscapes, skyscapes and seascapes, colour and mono, sunrise and sunset, and misty valleys and hills. An impressive collection, as always by APS photographers, and Carol had a difficult time choosing her winners. Many exciting and dramatic images had to be passed over to leave just three in each division, and then that difficult choice between the winning PDI and the win…

Diamond Jubilee Trophy results

The KCPA Jubilee Trophy for projected images was held at Ditton Community Centre on Saturday 23rd February, judged by Ken Scott ARPS.

Having won this competition the last three years and confident with our image selection, we were disappointed to have been placed joint 5th, behind the Maidstone Camera Club.

Our individual scores were:

Alien Landscape by Sue Chapman - 15
Cranes and Trains by Anthony Baines - 20 and Merit Award
Half Measures by Di Long - 15
Haystacks and Mist by George Pearson - 17
Inseparable by Zuzanna Valla - 17
Oxpecker About To Land by Bob Devine - 17
Pelican by Stephen Cheek - 18
The Tate Modern? by Anthony Baines - 15

Thank you to everyone that submitted images for selection and congratulation to Anthony for his Merit Award.