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Talk by Ken Scott and 3rd PDI results

Report by Marjorie Burge

Finding your ground by Ken Scott ARPS

On Friday 22nd November our speaker for the evening was Ken Scott ARPS, with ‘Finding your Ground’, a talk put together from a mixture of videos and pdi’s. Ken is a professional photographer involved in leading workshops and holidays in Spain and France. His involvement with photography spans over 35 years, starting, as we all did in those days, with slides and moving on to digital. His approach to photography is ‘responsiveness’, no preconceived ideas but observing and taking opportunities presented along the way – in his words ‘not looking but seeing’. The first half of the evening was taken up with his ‘Personal Odyssey in La Alpujarra’ on the south slopes of the Sierra Nevada and the adjacent valley – very much ‘his ground’ – and he talked us through his difficult journey in the mountains, while showing some beautiful images of snow on the mountains, deserted buildings, and amazing lenticular cloud formations. Most of his photography is straight out of the camera, with minimal cropping –he likes to get it right in the camera. The second half of the evening moved on to more general photography much of it taken while leading groups through the landscape and villages of Spain, much of it documentary, but with a glimpse of just how skilled Ken can be with a camera.

3rd PDI Results

Division 1

1st in Division 1 : Thoughtful On The Late Bus by George Pearson

2nd in Division 1 : The Rainmaker by Nicholas Hill

3rd in Division 1 : Grand Staircase by Nicholas Hill

Division 2

1st in Division 2 : Storm Clouds In The Fjord by Stuart Thompson

2nd in Division 2 : Seth Lakeman Plays Ashford by Philip Hinton

3rd in Division 2 : The Old Posts by Katrina Devenport

Division 3

1st in Division 3 : Kinkaku-Ji by Paul Gardiner

2nd in Division 3 : Shadows At Sunny Sands by Steve Rose

3rd in Division 3 : Tree Frog by Julie Barry

On 6th December we have the Bill Waters Natural History Trophy Competition with June Sharpe ARPS judging. Visitors always  welcome.