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Lee Miller & Picasso by Anthony Penrose

Report by Marjorie Burge

A fascinating talk on Friday 10th January given by Antony Penrose under the title ‘Lee Miller & Picasso’.  This was the story of his mother – Lee Miller – Vogue cover girl, model, friend of Man Ray and Picasso, and of his father – Roland Penrose – English surrealist painter, photographer, poet and biographer of Pablo Picasso. Lee Miller moved from being in front of the camera as a model to establishing herself as a fashion and portrait photographer and then becoming a photo-journalist in war torn Europe – from images of beauty to the horrors of war. I must admit that some of the images from the liberation of Paris were just a little too horrific for me, and I closed my eyes, but Lee Miller kept her’s open and recorded events as they were Working in Paris put her amongst the Surrealist movement, and she mixed with many of the great photographers and artists of the day. Pablo Picasso became a firm family friend, even visiting her later in life when she married Roland and they settled in England. Much of her photography is irreplaceable and Antony Penrose has dedicated his life to making sure that her photography is seen by as many people as possible. This was an enthralling evening, covering so much more than I can detail here – find out more by checking the Antony Penrose website where you can read his story and see Lee Miller’s wonderful photography. We are so lucky to have evenings like this at APS.

Next Friday 17th January, Zoe Garnham-Archer will be judging our 4th PDI League Competition. Visitors always welcome.