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Record competition

Report by Marjorie Burge.

Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGB of Maidstone Camera Club was our chosen judge for the Janet Morris Memorial Record Trophy Competition on Friday 14th February. Clive is a KCPA Premier Judge, Chairman of the KCPA Judges Panel, an ex-President of the KCPA and ex-council member of the RPS so we knew we were in safe hands for this rather serious competition. There was quite a small entry in the competition but those who had entered gave us some excellent images. Some photographers had clearly chosen images to give us a smile and lift the seriousness of this competition, and others had taken their images with winning in mind. Clive approached the competition with his usual care and attention and, interestingly, was not opposed to ‘a little bit of work’ being undertaken - not, of course, to alter the subject in any way, but to adjust the lighting, darken the corners, tone down, focus attention on the main subject - highlighting bright sunshine, over exposure and minor distractions. A good record image is ‘all about information’ and here Clive was referring not only to the subject but also to the title.


1st Chris Rogers with Ornate door to Basilica of St Peter and St Paul Church – Prague

2nd Chris Rogers with Door Detail St Vitus Church – Prague

3rd Ron Raybould with Horn and wheel


1st Neil Owen with Frieze on Statue of St Stephen In Holy Trinity Square – Budapest

2nd Frank Newington with Banksy Brexit

3rd Frank Newington with Old Lock Up

The overall winner of the trophy was Chris Rogers with Ornate Door to Basilica of St Peter and St Paul Church – Prague.

Following the competition Clive showed us a new selection of his own photography taken on his travels around his favourite cathedrals, and shared with us his extensive knowledge of the history that has brought us these wonderful buildings. His love of cathedrals and the intricate carving to be found within them was apparent in his narrative. His images were amazing and he let us into some of his printing secrets but I suspect not all of them. It was a good evening, and made record photography much more interesting than we thought it would be.


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